DMS Basics

Email Discussion Lists

DMS is integrated with an email discussion list server that provides the ability to communicate within committees, or with all diplomates or residents, through email. Your membership in these discussion groups is based on your DMS user information and group or committee memberships, as well as by opting-in to available lists.

Joining Opt-In Discussion Lists

You can see your list memberships, and join any opt-in lists for which you qualify, by editing your personal information (link available on the main menu). To join a list, check the box next to the list name, and save your changes. To remove yourself from a list, uncheck the box next to the list name, and save your changes.

Important Note: The discussion list email addresses are synchronized nightly. Joining or removing yourself from a list will take effect during the next synchronization. Until that time, you may not receive any emails from a newly subscribed list, and you will still receive emails from a newly unsubscribed list.

View Email List Info

You can view information about the lists you are a member of by click on the Email Discussion Lists link on the Main Menu. (You must be logged into DMS to see this link.)

Receiving and Sending to an Email List

The email address that is registered with DMS (in your personal info section) will be the address at which you receive email from the list. To change the address that receives email from these email lists, you can change your primary email address in DMS. Remmber that this will also change the location where other DMS notifications will be sent.

To send to the list, you send to the address shown in the Email Discussion Lists information page (available from the main menu), for example In order for your message to be distributed to the list, you must send your message from the same email account that is registerd with DMS, and at which you receive your DMS email messages.

When sending to the list, the list should always be in the To: or CC: fields. Messages that only have the list in the BCC: field will not be delivered or distributed.

Replying to List Messages

In order to prevent accidental group replies or unwanted spam on the list, hitting "reply" to a message from the list will reply to the original sender, and will not automatically go to the list. In order to reply to a message and have it sent to the list, you must use the "reply all" feature in your email, or add the list address to the To: or CC: fields.

Viewing List Archives

All messages sent through the discussion list are archived for future reference. You can view the archives using the link on the Email Discussion List information page (available from the main menu). Your login to these archives will be your email address as registered with DMS, along with your DMS password.

Archives are currently rudimentary (no searching, for instance), but may be extended in the future to provide a resource for residents and diplomates. When sending messages, please remember that they will indeed remain long after you've sent it. Think before you type!