Case Log System

Editing an Existing Case

You may edit any case in your log, at any time. However, editing a case that has already been reviewed by the Training Support Committee or the Credentials Committee will invalidate the review and the committees will be notified. For this reason, please make every effort to complete any necessary revisions as soon as possible after the case is entered.

  1. From the Chrono Log or MRCL Log, click the case number of the case you want to edit.

  2. You will be taken to the "Edit Case Log Entry" screen for the case. Make any necessary changes. Be sure to follow AVDC standards for case log data entry.

  3. If this case is part of your MRCL, fill in the MRCL category field (at the bottom) and the Review Date and Diplomate Intitials. Once an MRCL number has been assigned automatically, you may change it if necessary to fill in an empty slot. This is not required, and you generally should not change assigned MRCL numbers.

  4. If you want to upload an MRCL form, click Attach File at the top of the page, and follow the provided instructions.

  5. Attached MRCL forms are listed at the bottom of the page. If a form is incorrectly attached to the case, you can delete it from this list by clicking delete next to the appropriate file.

  6. When finished, click Save Changes.