Case Log System

Correcting MRCL Forms

In the case of a MRCL form that has been reviewed and requires correction of various case information, but does not require re-approval by the supervising diplomate, a corrected data block may be attached to the original form.

  1. From the Chrono Log or MRCL Log, click the case number of the appropriate case.

  2. Make any necessary changes to the case information.

  3. At the bottom of the page, you will see the section for attached files.

  4. Next to the original MRCL form, click the attach corrected info link.

  5. Read the message that appears, and if everything is ready, click OK to continue.

  6. A new MRCL form, noting "_corrected" in the filename, will now be attached to the case. This form does not require review by the supervising diplomate, nor any acceptance code (as with original MRCL forms).